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Datalogic DLR-PR001 UHF Long Range Portal Reader


The DLR-PR001 portal reader does not require an external PC. It is based on an embedded hardware architecture and a Linux operating system, making development of custom software and solutions easy. A variety of connection options including Ethernet, USB 2.0 host ports and optional GPRS communication allow easy integration into your infrastructure and a lower total cost of ownership.With flexible mounting options, easy communication and a broad variety of antenna configurations, the DLR-PR001 is a valuable tool in any organization’s AutoID toolkit.

RFID Basics

The new Datalogic RFID offerings are based on the passive Ultra High Frequency (868-928 MHz) and comply with the GS1/EPC Global Class1 Gen2 or ISO 18000-63 standard (also known as RAIN RFID Technology). Passive technology means that the tags/labels have no power source (battery) because they are energized by the RF signal coming from the reader. That implies that the RFID labels are very inexpensive, small and they don’t require any maintenance. Additionally, the reading distance is limited and depends on the amount of power generated by the reader, the reader antenna size and the tag antenna size (the bigger the antenna, the longer the reading distances). A significant benefit of passive RFID is that the tags and labels are very inexpensive (compared to other RFID technologies) which results in a quick ROI (Return on Investment).

An RFID system typically includes a number of tags/labels, a reader and the software that collects, filters, stores and analyzes the data. With RFID systems, the software component is crucial, mostly due to the huge amount of data generated by the reading process, and a good installation is also very important due to the high influence of the environment on the system performance and efficiency. In fact, some materials like liquids and metals have a big influence on the RFID performance and behavior interactions that need to be managed in the correct way. In most cases this means that the support of a local system integrator with experience in RFID technologies is recommended.The RFID market offers several types of tags addressing different markets: from basic labels used in Retail/Apparel to the most advanced ‘hard tags’ used in Manufacturing with ceramic or plastic enclosures to contrast the effects of metal and other materials.



Applications: Product in-store localization, real-time inventory and security checkout in apparel, footwear and accessories.This growth is mainly driven by the Retail non-food sector where RFID Technology adoption is helping retailers to increase their bottom lines providing a clear ROI:

• Time Savings: expanding inventory count rate from 200 items per hour to 20,000+ items per hour

• Optimized Stock Levels: eliminating out-of-stock items in Retail by up to 50%

• Less Margin Erosion: with full inventory visibility, retailers can avoid markdowns through better stock management

• Traceability: raising inventory accuracy by tracking every piece of merchandise in all stock locations increases inventory accuracy from an average of 63 to 95%

• Sales Increase: boosting item availability, retailers have seen a sales increase between 2 to 20%


Applications: Automatic detection on conveyor, work-in-progress, machine replenishment / configuration, component tracking, quality control RFID tagging helps brand owners improve the efficiency of their supply chain, increasing their speed to market:

• Reinforcing authenticity/ anti-counterfeiting for luxury brands

• Reducing claims and returns

• Decreasing inspection costs

• Enabling electronic proof of delivery raising receiving accuracy

• Enhancing loss prevention capabilities


Applications: Track medical devices and drugs

• Prevent drug counterfeiting

• Monitor patient and equipment movement

• Optimize stock levels and reduce redundancy

• Improve availability of critical equipment throughout the hospital


Main features

  • EPC Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6C compliant with the latest RFID standards
  • 4 antenna ports can connect 4 antennas directly and up to 16 with optional multiplexers
  • Linux Operating System
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • USB 2.0 high speed host port for fast and reliable connection to host
DLR PR001 – High Performance Product Bulletin
DLR PR001 – Quick Reference Guide
DLR PR001 – Product Description

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