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TallyGenicom Updates Line Printer Range

Effective July 10, 2011

Orders for TallyGenicom 6200 and 6300 printer series products are no longer being accepted.

The printers affected by the End of Sales include:

  • TallyGenicom 6200 series: T6212, T6215, T6218, T6212LJ, T6215LJ, T6218LJ
  • TallyGenicom 6300 series: 6306, 6306LJ, 6312, 6312LJ, LGe06, LGe12, LGi12, LGi15, LGi18,LGL06, LGL12, 2900

This new 6600 family of printers is fully compatible with all existing 6200/6300 applications and performance levels. As such, the new 6600 cartridge line matrix printer is considered a replacement for its earlier predecessor. Therefore, the 6200/6300 based printer will be withdrawn from new printer sales after an extended last time buy period.

Continued Service and Support

Although the sale of new 6200 and 6300 printers will cease, there will be absolutely no effect on the availability of consumables, spare parts and services. TallyGenicom/Printronix have committed to continue support for legacy TallyGenicom printers for a minimum of five years from May 10, 2011.

Renovotec understands that legacy TallyGenicom products represent critical business assets and we will work to ensure these investments are protected.

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Withdrawl of TG 6200 & 6300 Series

Replacement Printers:

6600 Series Line Printers